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Our offer for you in August 2022

In times like these, many things are becoming more expensive - whether in your home country or in Sri Lanka - and even in the air!

Fly to us in August and we will contribute to the cost of your flight ticket with

€ 100

After you have arrived and presented your flight ticket, you will receive € 100 in cash! This applies per person for arrivals in the period from 1st till 31st of August 2022 for a minimum stay of 14 nights.

Experience your Ayurveda stay with us in the way you used to and with a sunshine guarantee.

Sri Lanka entry requirements can be found here: https://en.paragonsrilanka.com/blog

For further information and inquiries, please contact our reservation office via email: info@paragonsrilanka.com

Our Ayurveda doctors, Mrs. Kanthi, our therapists and all other Paragon staff members look forward to welcoming you!

Ayubowan and best regards from Sri Lanka

Your Ayurveda Paragon team