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Your day of arrival is dedicated to getting used to and changing your organism to climate and time difference in Sri Lanka. The next day, your treatment begins with your first, extensive consultation and "inventory" with one of our highly qualified Ayurveda doctors. In a detailed discussion with you and using traditional and extremely efficient pulse diagnosis, your individual constitution type, your current state of health and your mental state will be determined. Based on this, your doctor creates your personal treatment plan. To overcome any language barriers, one of our guest advisors will assist you. The doctor and guest advisor will accompany you throughout your course of treatment and, together with the therapist, form your personal team of care takers.


In some cases, not all complaints can be treated at the same time. In consultation with your doctor, priorities are defined in your treatment plan. Further consultations take place at regular intervals. Your therapy will be checked and adjusted if necessary, there is a constant dialogue between you and your doctor. The doctor will of course be happy to answer any further questions at any time. For the success of your cure, it is extremely important that you discuss any questions or problems that arise with your doctor, whether they are physical or mental.

Please keep in mind that Ayurveda is an extremely individual healing method and that no two people, even if they have the same symptoms, receive the same treatments and medications.

During your Ayurveda cure you will go through various stages. Every now and then you will feel tired and without energy. This is completely normal and you should give in to your body's desire for rest. During the Shirodhara treatments strong emotional fluctuations can occur and feelings can come up that might have been lost for a long time. Take the opportunity to allow these feelings to be heard and to listen deeply to yourself. This contributes to your inner cleansing.

In the last third of your stay you will feel energy and positive thinking return, your skin rejuvenated, your eyes glowing and your hair looking healthy.


       »Why worry about something, 

              that you can easily change?

   And if it cannot be changed, what good                does it do to worry about it

Buddhist Wisdom

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