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Panchakarma is considered the supreme discipline of in-depth purification. The literal translation from Sanskrit means "5 actions". Using various methods, the body is cleaned of metabolic degradation products, undigested food components (mala) and environmental toxins (ama). A "mental detox" (stressful experiences, unprocessed conflicts, etc.) is also part of such a cure. This clearly shows that Ayurveda is much more than wellness: the aim of this cure is to fundamentally change the metabolism so that the body can find its original balance. At the same time, the immune system is stabilized and the body's own self-healing powers are started again. This cleaning takes place both physically and mentally. It is also a process of "letting go of the unprocessed". Thus, Panchakarma represents a unique concept for rejuvenation, prevention and healing.

Due to the intensity of such a cure, a minimum duration of two weeks is highly recommended, three or four weeks is better.

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