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Sri Lanka is a culturally rich and diverse country with a long and lively history. In order to bring you closer to this part of this magical island, we regularly hold cultural events at Ayurveda Paragon.


An Ayurveda cure is generally characterized by rest, relaxation and recuperation, but of course you have enough opportunity to get to know the closer surroundings of Ayurveda Paragon during your stay.

We offer excursions to various destinations, which generally take place both in the morning and in the afternoon, so that every guest has the opportunity to participate, regardless of their individual treatment times. Visit mystical temples, historical sites, magical lake landscapes and the Fort in Galle, which is a World Heritage Site. You can also rent one of our vehicles with a driver at any time to explore the surrounding area on your own.

We recommend tours that take up more than half a day of your time before your cure. After a tour of the island, you can completely devote yourself to your cure and regeneration. 

You can download PDFs with our range of half-day excursions:


 Enjoy an atmospheric sunset on the sacred Rumassala mountain.  


In a traditional catamaran you explore the beautiful Koggala Lake, the Temple Island and the Cinnamon Island. 


Learn everything about the cultivation and processing of the world-famous Ceylon tea. 


Let yourself be inspired and experience how religion and spirituality are anchored in daily life in Sri Lanka.


 Explore the historic Galle Fort and visit the market.


Go on elephant safari game drive in the Udawalawe National Park


Excursion to visit the weekly market.


Visit the trade and university town of Matara, the famous Buddha statue and the underground temple “Weherahena”.

Yoga and meditation

for body, mind and soul

To further support your Ayurveda cure, we also offer yoga instruction in various yoga styles. Yoga contributes immensly to harmonizing your body and soul. It relaxes, promotes inner balance and stimulates your metabolism.

Once a week, a highly respected monk teaches meditation and answers any questions you might have. This spiritual enrichment is another pillar of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Scientific studies have shown that meditation can have a significant impact on brain and body functions. Open yourself to this new experience.


Worth knowing


In the evenings there are lectures by our doctors on the topic of Ayurveda. Here you can find out e.g. how you can maintain the effect of your cure at home and what you can do from an Ayurvedic perspective at home to maintain your health.

During a cooking demonstration, our head chef shows you how to prepare delicious Sri Lankan dishes with simple means.





Our “Gallery Beyond” store passage has very special, selected pieces ready for you. From clothing to jewelry, Sri Lankan artifacts to drugstore items, you can shop in-house in a relaxed atmosphere at fixed prices. Our tailor will be happy to produce custom-make pieces for you based on your ideas. You can also have your own designer pieces made by our in-house jeweler.

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