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All rooms of the Hotel Ayurveda Paragon Sri Lanka are elegantly furnished in bright tropical colors and have a balcony or terrace with sea view. The constant sea breeze cools naturally all year round. Our hotel provides free internet. However, we recommend that you greatly reduce your media consumption, because we want you to be able to concentrate totally on your cure. The absence of everyday media distractions should help you find peace and relaxation. Ceiling fans and mosquito nets provide additional comfort and give the rooms the typical tropical ambience.

We offer different room categories for your spa stay:


Garden room with terrace and direct access to the pool, garden and beach on the ground floor as well as our standard room with balcony on the first and second floor

Terrace/Balcony    1 Room    1–2 Persons

14 nights from
€ 1.932
per Person


Rooftop room with a large sun terrace on the third floor. The room size is identical to that of our standard rooms, the terrace offers space for two sun loungers. Enjoy the view of the magnificent Indian Ocean during the day and the view of the tropical starry sky in the evening.

Roof Terrace    1 Room    1–2 Persons

14 nights from 
per Person


Our junior suites, twice the size of the remaining rooms, have a living and sleeping area. The ground floor junior suite has a large terrace, the upper floors each have a balcony in the bedroom and in the living area.

Terrace/Balcony    2 Rooms    1–2 Persons

14 nights from 
per Person


Suite 420 will suit even the highest standards. A spacious living and lounge area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a huge, secluded terrace make the "Suite 420" a private retreat within the Ayurveda Paragon. Enjoy your Panchakarma cure in your very own realm.

Private Terrace    3 Rooms    2–4 Persons

14 nights from 
per Person

Air conditioners

Upon special request and after consultation with a doctor, a portable air conditioning system can be installed in your room. However, we would like to point out that from an Ayurvedic point of view, cooling your body artificially is counterproductive.

WiFi & Internet use in our Ayurveda hotel

Would you like to keep in touch with your loved ones at home during your stay at the Ayurveda Paragon Hotel? You are welcome to use our wireless internet connection. 

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