The heart of Ayurveda Paragon is the health center, which is located on three floors of the house. The reception area of ​​the health center is the control center of this department. This is where your consultations and treatments are scheduled and where your medication is distributed for the next day.

Ayurveda Paragon was one of the few houses to receive the designation "Ayurveda Hospital" from the Department of Ayurveda Sri Lanka. We are very proud of this. This makes our health center one of the best on the island.

Five highly qualified Ayurveda doctors and more than 50 therapists take care of your well-being. According to the Ayurveda tradition, male guests are treated by male therapists, female guests by female therapists. Almost all treatment rooms are located on the sea side - enjoy your therapies with the relaxing sound of the Indian Ocean and let them linger in our tropical, palm-fringed garden or by the antique style pool.

The rooms for flower and herbal baths and showers are located on the ground floor near the swimming pool. Our Ayurvedic sauna is also located here. This was built according to traditional specifications using only natural materials. The double walls consist of a mixture of ground termite deposits and coral, bee honey and Ayurvedic decoctions. The plaster consists of coral sand, honey and cooked fruit. The floor contains more than 50 different spices and medicinal herbs that develop their effects when heated. An Ayurvedic sauna is heated to a comfortable 40 °C.

Pharmacy and laboratory

Our in-house pharmacy is one of the few state-approved and approved for the production of Ayurvedic medicines in Sri Lanka. Your individual decoctions, powders and other remedies are produced here every day in strict compliance with the specifications of the old writings as well as hygienic conditions. Visit the pharmacy and experience how oils, powders, decoctions and more are freshly prepared every day. You will be able to appreciate the value of these remedies even more once you have seen the elaborate manufacturing process.

Blood samples can be taken in our own laboratory, so we can regularly document the progress of your values.

Medicinal plants garden

Ayurveda Paragon is a pioneer in authentic Ayurveda health services in Sri Lanka. Therefore, an own medicinal plant garden should not be missed. The herbal garden includes around 80 different medicinal plants on an area of ​​12,500 m², which are processed in our own herbal kitchen and then used as medicine. But they are also used in Ayurvedic cuisine, because healthy nutrition is a main component of Ayurveda.

From a medical and nutritional perspective, chemical fertilizers, agrochemicals and pesticides are not used. With the creation and management of its own medicinal plant garden, the hotel does its part to preserve and develop the environment.

We cordially invite you to take a guided tour of our herbal garden during your stay. Once or twice a week, the exploration takes place in the morning and in the afternoon with one of the doctors.