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Following the trend of the times, there are countless offers of Ayurvedic clinics or treatment centers in Europe today. However, these are not to be equated with the spa hotels in the countries of origin of Ayurveda.           In Sri Lanka, studying to become a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine takes eight years.

The knowledge about the healing power of plants is cultivated intensively in Sri Lanka and often passed on from the parents to the descendants and includes extensive knowledge about the production of the remedies from herbs, plants, tree bark and roots. It is obvious that in their country of origin, freshly delivered, harvested and processed by Mother Nature every day, they can have a more intensive effect during a cure than remedies that first have to start the long journey from Asia to Europe and - possibly with preservatives - be stored for a long time before use.


Origin of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has its origins in tropical to subtropical climates. The principle of its healing power lies in the cleaning of the body and organism and the removal of pathogenic substances.

In latitudes with a relatively cool climate, this drainage only works to a limited extent, while in tropical temperatures the body can naturally get rid of the toxins through the open pores. And last but not least, it is easier for most Europeans to relax during a stay away from home, surrounded by always friendly, smiling people who exude a Buddhist serenity.

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