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Now we come to the most important part and what you can expect during your Ayurveda cure.
Ayurveda is also called the method of a thousand steps. That is why we only present the most common of the countless Ayurveda treatments here. The cure is generally divided into three phases:

The preparatory measures include oil massages and heat treatments to mobilize the toxins (Ama) accumulated in the body and disturbing dosha excesses. With the Panchakarma applications, the toxins and excess doshas are removed in a variety of ways.

With the final after-treatments, the cleansed body is built up, harmonized and strengthened, the immune forces are revitalized and you will feel noticeably better. Massages are an integral part of the cure, but they cannot be compared with the Western massage methods known to us. Prepare to try something new, enjoy it and if possible avoid any comparisons.



is the most original and effective massage of Ayurveda and is used primarily for regeneration, relaxation and detoxification of the entire organism. It is a full body synchronous massage with individually selected herbal oils. Abhyanga is pretty close to heaven.


Acupuncture was integrated into Ayurvedic healing art thousands of years ago. Ayurveda has also influenced traditional Chinese medicine. This knowledge had been lost for a long time. Ayurveda Paragon is the perfect blend of these two healing methods. In many cases, the use of acupuncture can provide valuable additional support in your healing or recovery process. This special service is also included in your spa price.


Avagahana Sweda

The herbal bath is one of the most common methods of removing toxins. The warm bath water is given an herbal decoction that is individually tailored to the constitution type and sometimes even whole leaves are added. This opens the pores and the herbal substances remove toxins.


Purification treatment of the nose and sinuses. This treatment eliminates frontal and sinus infections, headache, nervousness, dry mouth and has excellent results for migraines.

Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage

With this finely tuned technique of massaging, kneading and brushing along the foot reflex zones with warm oil, blockages are released; and the body can completely relaxed and revitalized. Fatigue, sleep disorders can be balanced and even pain can be alleviated by this treatment. A truly magical form of treatment, in which time usually passes far too quickly.


With this form of therapy, the body - or parts of it - is massaged with warm herbal sachets and made to sweat. The intensive stimulation encourages cell renewal, reduces water retention and releases toxins. The soothing warmth brings the body to rest and regulates the doshas.

Sarwangadhara – Ayurvedic body oil pouring

The "royal body casting". A warm, fine oil jet is poured over the entire body by several therapists and gently massaged in. This application combines the advantages of massage and heat treatment: the warm oil penetrates the body more easily and unfolds its therapeutic capacity. The oils have a healing effect, the body is warmed and detoxified (also called pizzichili).


Shirodhara – Ayurvedic forehead cast


The royal forehead cast is one of the best-known Ayurvedic applications, in which warm oil flows on the forehead in a fine, continuous stream in slow pendulum movements.

It calms the mind and senses, improves mental clarity and memory and has a calming effect on the nervous system. At the same time, it stimulates the work of all organs. Shirodhara helps to relax and let go physically and emotionally, has a calming effect on the eyes and supports eyesight; relieves migraines and insomnia and regulates blood pressure. Shirodhara has an extremely profound effect and works differently for everyone.

It may well happen that temporary aggressive or depressed moods might occur, but also extreme happiness. During the entire time of Shirodhara applications, the head and ears should be kept covered. Air conditioners, fans or wind should be avoided just like physical exertion and stress. Swimming is also taboo at this time. It is extremely important to follow the doctor's instructions during this time, otherwise the success of the treatment may be jeopardized.


Udvartana – Ayurvedic powder massage

Most people consider the Udvartana massage to be a special treat and care. The powder massage is done with quick energetic strokes and is carried out simultaneously by two therapists. This stimulates the skin's metabolism and promotes blood circulation.

This list represents only a small part of the countless possible types of treatment. Our doctors put together a personal treatment program for each guest according to their individual constitution. If this does not lead to the desired success, research in the millennia-old scriptures for alternative applications for you. If you have set yourself the goal of losing weight during your cure, you should also discuss this with your doctor. He will give you specific diet recommendations and support you in your efforts.

Yoga and meditation for body, mind and soul

To further support your Ayurveda cure, we also offer yoga instruction in various yoga styles. Yoga can make a huge contribution to harmonizing your body and soul. It relaxes, contributes to inner balance and stimulates your metabolism.

A highly respected monk comes once a week to teach meditation and to answer questions. This spiritual enrichment is another pillar of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Scientific studies have shown that meditation can have a significant impact on brain and body functions. Open yourself to this new experience.

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