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D.A., M.Ac.F., D.Ac.

For many guests, he is the epitome of Paragon and Ayurvedic healing art par excellence: Dr. Buddhike Senevirathna, mostly called "Dr. Buddhike" for short. As an Ayurveda doctor in the 8th generation, he practically took up the teaching about the healing powers of nature with "mother`s milk".Even as a young boy, he learned from his father and grandfather the various types of Ayurveda treatment and the use of natural remedies.

Nevertheless, after finishing school, he actually wanted to be an engineer. Out of respect for his ancestors, however, he decided to complete his training as an Ayurveda doctor in Kalutara, where he obtained his diploma in 1994. Buddhike holds a diploma in acupuncture and has received two awards from the Sri Lankan government as "Ayurveda Shoorie" and "Vidya Shiromanie Panditha", which characterizes him as a very special Ayurveda doctor.

He started working at Ayurveda Paragon before the hotel opened in August 1996 and trained the first therapists. Since then he has been an integral part of our core team, without which "the Paragon" would certainly not be the same.

Dr. Buddhike lives with his wife, who is also an Ayurveda doctor, and his son in Meepe, a small village near Talpe. His father and mentor, who practiced until his death and visited his patients by bike, also lived in the same household. It is not uncommon for the Ayurvedic family council to come together to advise on the best treatment options for difficult cases.

As a convinced Buddhist, Dr. Buddhike likes to help other people. Even in his free time, he is often active for our children's aid project Sahana Seva and meets with the families who are supported by our guests and sponsors.

Dr. Buddhike's favorite motto: self-discipline!

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