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The Ayurveda Paragon is one of the few Ayurveda hotels that provide medical care for their guests 24 hours a day. Anyone who has ever needed a doctor during the evening or night has most likely got to know her: Dr. Oshadhie.

Dr. Oshadhie originally comes from Weligama, where she also graduated from high school. Although all other family members are employed in the educational field, she decided to study Ayurvedic medicine in Kalutara. By the way, she attended this institute at the same time as Dr. Buddhike. Like our other doctors, Dr. Oshadhie, in addition to her diploma in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, also has a diploma in acupuncture.

After an internship at various state Ayurveda clinics, she learned the art of preparing herbal remedies in an Ayurvedic pharmacy in Galle. Later she worked in various private Ayurveda practices in Weligama and Kalutara.

Dr. Oshadhie joined the Paragon team in 1999 and originally worked during the day. As the mother of two small children, she then took on the night shift so that she could devote herself to her family during the day. She describes herself as a passionate housewife and enjoys doing her housework while listening to the radio. During her night shift, she likes to expand her knowledge while reading medical literature.

As a long-time member of the Paragon team, she particularly enjoys the good cooperation with her colleagues and the continuity of the management.

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