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D.S.A.M.S. (Hon.), D.Ac., M.Ac.F.

Dr. Poshini Wanigasekara D.S.A.M.S. (Hon.), D.Ac., M.Ac.F. (2nd from right)
This tongue-twisting name is usually abbreviated to "Dr. Poshini" at the Paragon for the sake of simpler pronunciation. Born in the south of the island in Matara, Dr. Poshini's father as a music teacher actually had a musician career in mind for his daughter. After an excellent high school diploma at the Sujatha girls' school in Matara, however, she preferred an academic education.

She completed her studies in Ayurvedic medicine at the renowned University of Kelaniya and graduated in 2000 as the second best of her year. After her internship at a state Ayurveda hospital, Dr. Poshini initially worked in an Ayurvedic private practice to deepen her knowledge.

Since 2004 she has enriched the Ayurveda Paragon medical team. The management of Paragon enabled the curious young doctor to complete additional training in acupuncture, which she completed in 2008 with a diploma. Today, many of our guests benefit from it and are enthusiastic about her skillful handling of acupuncture needles.

Dr. Poshini especially appreciates the strict adherence to the traditional Ayurvedic guidelines at the Paragon and the valuable cooperation with her colleagues. It is not uncommon for our team of doctors to consult with each other on the best treatments for difficult cases.

In her spare time, Dr. Poshini likes to travel and to visit her magical island and to discovers new, wonderful corners of her homeland on every trip. As the daughter of a musician, she started playing classical Indian music on the sitar at the age of 13; a hobby that fell victim to her studies for many years. However, she has made up her mind to take it up again and maybe in the future our guests will also benefit from this ability of the versatile doctor.

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