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His full name is Dr. Saman Priyadarshana Wijayarathne, but let's stay with the short form Dr. Wijayarathne. Dr. Wijayarathne is a child of the city of Galle and attended Aloisius College, where he also graduated from the biology department. Afterwards Dr. Wijayarathne attended the renowned medical university Kelaniya, where he was trained as an Ayurvedic general practitioner.

He also studied acupuncture and pharmacy there and earned a diploma in electrocardiogram and hospital management. He deepened his knowledge of Ayurveda in a special study that only deals with the topic of Panchakarma.

After his studies, Dr. Wijayarathne worked in a state Ayurveda hospital until he joined the Paragon team in 1998. He is particularly impressed by Ayurveda that it takes a holistic view of people and can treat and cure diseases with the forces of nature and without side effects. He appreciates his work in Ayurveda Paragon so much because it gives him the opportunity to bring people from other countries closer to Ayurveda and to help them improve their health and well-being.

Dr. Wijayarathne's grandfather was a recognized and very popular Ayurvedic doctor in the south of the island.

Dr. Wijayarathne lives with his wife and two daughters in Meepe, a small village near the hotel. In his free time, he is a passionate hobby gardener and takes care of his garden every day. He also teaches children the basics of hygiene and medicine on a voluntary basis. In addition, the local court uses its forensic knowledge from time to time.

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